Manufacturing and R&D facility

Our gummies facility, located in the capital city of Bogota, is specialized in the research, development and manufacturing of nutraceutical and confectionary gelatin gummies. It is HACCP, INVIMA, GMP and Organic certfiied.

This facility possesses the appropriate technology for the development and manufacturing of gelatin based gummies as well as a qualified and specialized staff that ensures compliance with international standards.

  • Production area: 456 m²
    Packaging area: 84 m²
    Bottling area: 64 m

  • Semi-automated equipment &

  • Differentiated process that uses PET
    trays to mold the gummies

    Our use of PET trays offers an advantage in quality and aesthetics versus the cloudy appearance often seen with starch.

  • Other companies use re-circulated
    starch in their molding process.

  • Replicated drying chambers from our encapsulation facility help reduce overall production time.

  • Improved formulation development
    in innovative flavors & texture

  • Independent 3rd party GMP audited
    & approved
    Quality assurance & control

  • Certified organic QAI

Estimated capacity

200 tons

Manufacturing (month)


  • Minibags
  • 3G gummies
  • Individual packages
  • Minimiun lots

Manufacturing Capacity

  • 4'500.000/month
  • 24'000.000/month
  • 3'000.000/month
  • 1400/Kg